qptain Nemo

Hi, I'm qptain Nemo. (. ‿ . )

Things I do

My biggest passion is combining inventive technology and artistic creativity into interactive experiences affectionately known as videogames. You can find my most interesting games on my itch page.

I've been developing my own game engine called qsm, and an important component of it — a realtime 3D renderer qemical flood. Instead of using polygons and static textures it focuses on raymarched smooth surfaces and dynamic procedural coloring. You can find more information on its dedicated page.

You can find my music on my bandcamp.

I run this videogame label / brand called Lazy and Sleepy where I release games and other art with my friends.

I also run the steam curator Quality Narrative dedicated to highlighing outstanding story-driven games together with my friend Del.

Contact and support

If you want to reach out to me you can drop in the LnS discord, @ me on twitter or write me an email at qptainnemo@gmail.com.

If you want to support me and what I do you can do it here: paypal.me/qNemo.

Things and people I like

Here are some of my favorite games.

You can see more of my gaming taste on my backloggery page and Steam profile.

The list of my favorite shows: the IMDb list.
Anime: myanimelist.

I'm a huge fan of Scruncho, Tablestory, Ross Scott, Critique Quest, Grim Beard and Shaw and Genghis.

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